Rachelle Krieger Poetic Paintings

The work of Rachelle Krieger transports nature indoors.  She has a way with skies and trees, often portraying their roots and bark weaving through in different tones and color.  Branches always curve in her paintings.  She occasionally paints outdoors.  When I walk out into nature I feel the same poetry of movement I see in Krieger’s pictures.

Krieger’s poetic trees bend and sway. There is a kind of calligraphic dance in her line quality.  Often there is the use of beautiful greys, with other sometimes-muted colors all rendered with a lyric, painterly intensity. Sometimes in her work there is a storm brewing, and sometimes spring is breaking through.

Krieger questions the nature of perception and reality.  It’s landscape, nature, and the outdoors but she is also after something more.  She thinks about time, as well as positive and negative space.  She states that something that can seem the most insignificant can have something beautifully hidden and then be revealed in the act of painting.  That sounds like life itself!            Blogger:  Marsha Ralls

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