Davos - World Economic Forum 2007

Will publish experience soon :)

NFTE Regional Finals Jan 19, 2007

On Jan 19th at Allied Capital, Chairman and CEO William (Bill) Walton and Patty Alper hosted business leaders serving as judges for the greater DC NFTE youth regionwide business plan competition. The experience was real proof that the NFTE curriculum teaches our young people both life and business skills. Six NFTE finalist pitched their business plans while judges listened and coached the next generation of entrepreneurs. To learn more please visit http://www.nftegw.com/

Pictured left to right-Regional judges Fernando Murias, President of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Jack Davies AOL and NFTE board member and 2007 gala Dare to Dream Chair Marsha Ralls

2007 off to a great start!

The first month of 2007 has been a busy month, but we are off to a wonderful year! With my energy being divided between preparing for the Ralls Collection Dubai exhibition in March during the first ever Gulf Art Fair http://www.gulfartfair.com/ , Chairing the May 2nd DC Dare to Dream gala for NFTE http://www.nftegw.com/ and just returning from Davos and the World Economic Forum http://www.weforum.org/ in Switzerland ... I could not ask for a better start to 07!

Since I always try to start my year with a trip to the Ashram http://www.theashram.com/ to ensure mind, body and spirit are in sinc to focus for the upcoming year ... 2007 was no exception. I had a fabulous group of all women this visit. We hiked our almost 100 miles over the week, participated in yoga classes, weights, pool volleyball, stretching and great dialogue out on the trails. It makes for interesting conversation when the group turns out to be all women! For readers that have never been to the Ashram or heard of it ... it has been survival to look after my sanity as an entrepreneur, single mom (the boys call it Mommy boot camp and love to joke that ... oh no she's back and everything is organic - including the cookies!) and keeping focused with the projects I am trying to accomplish. The food is vegetarian and all organic. The staff loving (with a bit of tough love!) and completely in charge of you while you leave behind life for 6 days. I started going to the Ashram 23 years ago ... yes I was only 10 years old! :) Most people that attend are returnees because they get great results and feel awesome once they have given up Starbucks, chocolates or maybe just stress for a week. Whatever stress, emotional pain or extra pounds I take with me ... I leave them in the Santa Monica Mountains and although I usually go back to drinking my favorite coffee at Starbucks- I do have a better perspective on challenges in my life. Catharina (everyone calls her Cat) is like a second Mom to me (I'm sure every guest at the Ashram feels that way) and I know she genuinely cares where I'm going in my life and how I'm planning to get there. Big hugs and many thanks to my week of amazing ladies!!! And to my Ashram family that I love and can't wait to see again soon!! And for all you readers that are thinking the Ashram is a spa ... think again! It's more like a spiritual bootcamp and every guest has their own personal experience. To me - it's a vacation!
Pictured from left to right-Supergirl Marsha Ralls (holiday gift from my boys :) and my super ladies that shared the week with me!

Happy New Year 2007!!!

Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for a New Year of Health and Happiness - In a world of Peace! Marsha Ralls, Jake and Nathan and all of us at The Ralls Collection www.rallscollection.com