Caio Fonseca Paintings

Caio Fonseca’s new work is strong and visually compelling as always.  I never forget looking at his paintings that he is such a marvelous classically trained pianist.  I feel the rhythm of those keys moving in the rhythm of his paintings. Sometimes the shapes in his pictures make me think of piano keys or are they instruments of his imagination? Even in his smaller works there is a sense of large movement and power.  Caio’s use of paint is expressive, beautiful, and graceful.  His paint always draws you right up to each piece to experience how it was created. Wondering at his paintings I associate music and composers with it.  I try to guess if it’s Chopin or Rachmaninoff or maybe Cole Porter?!  If anything Caio’s newest work is even more elegant than ever playing with space and bringing his magic and music into my eye.  Caio has a new beautiful exhibition opening in Aspen Feb 21, 2013.  For my Colorado friends .... this is not to be missed!   Blogger:  Marsha Ralls

Marsha's Art Salon

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On John Blee’s “Orchard Improvisation”

John Blee, part of the second wave of the Washington Color School, creates compelling works whose narrative parallels the lyricism of nature. I think his paintings are both wildly inventive and meditative at the same time. That tug between the inner and outer worlds creates a synergy and a rhythm and a state of being. This is a painting that I’d like to live with because I know it will change as I change. To me the mark of a true painter is somebody who can create a work of art that lives and breathes.  When I hear people choose living spaces because of the view outside their window I think the real view is what you have inside. And what could be better than an orchard in your living room?