Rob Pruitt - Sometimes Art Can Just Be Fun!

Sometimes I find that art can just be fun, and that’s how I respond to the work of Rob Pruitt.  Rob is described as an American Folk artist, but I would say that he’s awfully sophisticated folk!  He can make a “People Feeder Skittles” in such a way that it puts to shame anything by Donald Judd.

What’s wonderful with Rob’s work is the lack of pretension, but at the same time the ingenuity.  He can take a very simple spider web and it can have real magic.  He’s certainly fearless as well through taking on so many different forms and materials.

Then there is his use of glitter.  All of Rob Pruitt’s work shimmers with the light and laugh of life, but the glitter he adds to some of it makes it shimmer just a little more!      Blogger: Marsha Ralls