Painter Kris Cox .... Colorado dreaming

Evoking place, time and space the work of Kris Cox is hauntingly beautiful.  Animal tusks, small leather bundles taken from a Dogon’s hunter’s shirt, nuts and terry cloth are to be found imbedded in some of his work. One of Cox’s mediums, going back to antiquity, is beeswax.  Within his work there is an exploration and allusion to other cultures and times and the overlay makes for an extra richness.

Originally from Los Angeles he lives in a spectacular house and studio in Colorado. I’m really happy to be representing him in Washington, DC.

With Kris Cox’s works there is perfection in the conjunction between composition, color, and execution.  Even though he works in a serial fashion each work has a very specific voice that speaks to me about the fullness of life and experience.      Marsha Ralls

A man with a vision ... David Richardson

David Richardson is a very protean artist, matching his life.  His work has a large range sometimes being very powerful and sometimes very lyrical often rendered in the same painting.  With David you know at once when you look at his work that he is in command of his medium and has made very deliberate choices in terms of imagery and color.

I speak of his imagery even though David’s work is abstract, but I feel it’s very real in the emotions rendered.  David is unusual in that he comes from a family of artists and is originally from Michigan.

David is a marine and has been both to Iraq and Afghanistan and served heroically.  I am very proud to represent his work.  At the same time I think the strength of the work speaks for itself.  You can learn the “Iliad” from looking at his work, something that cannot be said about most abstract art!  Marsha Ralls

Dana Volkert - Pattern and Process .....

Dana Volkert

Pattern and process play in the work of Dana Volkert.  Sometimes in her paintings I feel I’m looking at the earth from the outer atmosphere.  She works with swirls of paint and achieves an effect that has the luminosity of a pearl or precious stones.  Her paintings glisten.

Dana is a native of the Virginia countryside and studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute as well as Georgetown University.  Both she and her husband are artists and they travel between the US and Italy to work.

Dana’s paintings have a wide range that can depict a startlingly realistic beetle with its elegant beauty, or patterns of flowers, or seedpods.  I always feel her eye working a visual poetry no matter what the subject.   Marsha Ralls