Painter Kris Cox .... Colorado dreaming

Evoking place, time and space the work of Kris Cox is hauntingly beautiful.  Animal tusks, small leather bundles taken from a Dogon’s hunter’s shirt, nuts and terry cloth are to be found imbedded in some of his work. One of Cox’s mediums, going back to antiquity, is beeswax.  Within his work there is an exploration and allusion to other cultures and times and the overlay makes for an extra richness.

Originally from Los Angeles he lives in a spectacular house and studio in Colorado. I’m really happy to be representing him in Washington, DC.

With Kris Cox’s works there is perfection in the conjunction between composition, color, and execution.  Even though he works in a serial fashion each work has a very specific voice that speaks to me about the fullness of life and experience.      Marsha Ralls

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