Happy Father's Day Dad!

June 15th 2008 and just a little over the halfway mark for 08. I must be getting old -- the days are flying by and although I am actually attempting to balance my life and to live each day with a purpose ... it would be nice not to feel like the years are passing me by!

The Ralls Collection is currently exhibiting a group summer show, including many of our most important artists that we have worked with over the past 17 years. This exhibition will continue through Sept 6th, 2008. For an appointment, please call 1-202-342-1754 or email MARalls@aol.com.

I haven't been able to sit down and write about my dear friend, mentor and inspiration for founding the Ralls Collection ... artist Robert Rauschenberg. Maybe after my boys head off to Culver Camp for 6 weeks, I'll share a few stories.

It's been a sad weekend, remembering Tim Russert from my favorite TV show Meet the Press (one of the only times I turn on my television). Interestingly, I spent all afternoon yesterday at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in NYC with a group of 65+ inspiring journalist that attended training with Children's Pressline (CPL) www.cplmedia.org a youth journalism program that gives kids the opportunity to represent themselves in the media. An inspiring day with the kids! Tim Russert was clearly a fine role model for our future civic leaders and journalist.